Emotional Eating Tips?

  • As I've been starting Ignite (Day 5), I'm feeling pretty good and definitely feel like the end is attainable. Yay for Igniting through Thanksgiving!
    The times when I struggle most are when I get really stressed from work, or am dealing with emotional family issues. I definitely emotionally eat, and it's been an uphill battle. Any tips on dealing with this?

    aremoose   by: aremoose
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    colsen2  over 1 year ago by: colsen2

    Going for a glass of infused water or sparkling water works well for me. That way I'm still doing something but the water is good for the diet. What have you tried?

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    JTanenbaum  over 1 year ago by: JTanenbaum

    I usually go for a cup of chai tea if I find myself wondering into the kitchen. Sometimes, I go for a walk around the block to gather my thoughts. It usually only takes 5 minutes, but by the time I get back, I don't feel the need to eat.

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