Feeling Groggy

  • Ok, so I know this is just day one of Ignite... but I was curious if I'm supposed to be feeling so groggy? I had plenty of sleep last night, I ate the day's shake (although I will never have the double chocolate shake again, it was... not good) and I ate the tuna salad for lunch and my stomach is full but my body feels like I'm starving... I feel shaky and a bit dizzy... kind of like Im walking through pudding with fog all around me... probably a weird description lol
    Am I having carb withdrawals or something?

    brandiep1982   by: brandiep1982
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    Mandywhiz  9 months ago by: Mandywhiz

    Did you ever feel better? I am on day 3 and feel the same. I assume it is just the detox phase.

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