Feeling sick to my stomach after working out

  • Just finished my first True Beginner workout and I am feeling a bit of nausea. My last meal was several hours ago and I just sipped on my water a few times during the workout; any ideas to make this not happen? Other than that I feel good.-

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    DamionJenkins13  about 1 year ago by: DamionJenkins13

    Ok... First, I recommend eating something light before workouts. I have found that in the past I too get nauseated if I do a hard workout on an empty stomach. Try making a fresh smoothie, or eating a handful of organic nuts with a full glass of water prior to exercise. If you are doing cardio intense exercise, then drink a half-glass of water, with frequent sips throughout the workout.

    You should also be prepared to eat something after your workout, such as a protein rich smoothie or food source to provide your body with the necessary protein to rebuild torn muscle fibers.

    This has worked for me in the past. (sticking to the routine is often the hardest part).

    Good luck!

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