Feet are killing me after True Beginner Strength and Cardio, do I need to adjust my stances?

  • I am 300 lbs and just starting up with True beginner and exercise in general. I have noticed after some of the workouts that it is hard for me to concentrate on the exercises themselves cause I my feet are killing me. Is this just due to my weight and should alleviate over time or is this more due to incorrect stances and distributing my weight improperly?

    Bladeseye   by: Bladeseye
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    missdarcy123  3 months ago by: missdarcy123

    What kind of shoes are you wearing? If your shoes are old or not designed for the type of exercise you're doing, they can really hurt your feet. If you haven't already, you might want to visit a good shoe store in your area and get a good pair of cross-training shoes, not sneakers or running shoes.

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    rebelgirl23  about 1 month ago by: rebelgirl23

    I found that doing the strength and cardio without shoes feel a lot more comfortable for me than with shoes, even during the jogging portion. I'm always heavy on my feet too, so even though I'm wearing the correct pair of running shoes for my feet, I feel like I can't last as long with it on.

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    rebekaah  3 months ago by: rebekaah

    Do your feet hurt with shoes, or without? If it's with shoes, I would invest in a good pair of shoes, which has been already suggested. If you have good shoes and it's with/without shoes, that is definitely due to weight and the new use of your feet. As you do more exercise, which use your feet more (ie, standing, walking,etc) the muscles in your feet will strengthen and your body will adjust. Hang in there!

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    Bearkitten  3 months ago by: Bearkitten

    I realize he says to do the workout without shoes. That is not appropriate for everyone. You might overpronate (your foot rolls in). I would recommend doing the workout with running/walking shoes. It will make a difference. Good for you for wanting to stick with it.

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