For those of you that have experience on Ignite and do not have access to the app (i.e. Droid) what do you suggest to use instead?

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    nithya22  over 1 year ago by: nithya22

    Are you asking in terms of tracking your food? I haven't been using an app, but I try and log in to educate myself and just make smart choices. Each day on ignite, there is a new article for your to read and learn. Use that as your guidance if you can't track your food on a daily basis.

    • Daveyl12
      Daveyl12 over 1 year ago

      Yes I was looking for something geared more toward the nutrition tracking. I do log in and read most articles, and my diet is pretty squared away. I like the concept of "taking a picture of the meal" but unfortunately I use my Droid Phone for most of my tracking and videos. I will just stick with MyFitnessPal for the time being, or maybe check out the Daily Burn Tracker. Thanks for the response.

    • pbarfield
      pbarfield over 1 year ago

      Try they have an app for droid that you can track your meals and even enter special things you want to get a specific amount of (for me its calcium)

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