Found Daily Burn on Hulu but CAN'T watch the videos thru Hulu. What gives?

  • I was previously working out using hulu videos, and the commercials were always for daily burn... The link it gave me to try this out was for some reason that gave me the impression that I could watch the videos thru hulu once I subscribed. All I have is a pc and a wii hooked up to the internet, and I can watch hulu videos on my t.v. thru the wii. But since wii isn't an approved device for daily burn, I was hoping to still watch on my t.v. through hulu. Why why why isn't this an option! :(

    sunshineshadow   by: sunshineshadow
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    CPowell29  3 months ago by: CPowell29

    It is so misleading I just signed up online based on the many ads I seen for daily burn while watching Hulu from my PS3. It makes it seem as if I can stream the workouts from Hulu on the PS3. Very misleading!!! If you have Netflix, they have some good workouts that you can stream from ANY device.

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    fitcharlene  6 months ago by: fitcharlene

    If you have a roku you can add the Daily Burn Channel and you can watch it from there. If not, I think the other places would be on your laptop or ipad.

    • HeidiM1962
      HeidiM1962 6 months ago

      I thought the same thing. I have HuluPlus through my wi-fi DVD player. I've got a Roku in the living room, but I reallly don't want to do this in "public"!

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    JuneRhythm1985  6 months ago by: JuneRhythm1985

    I had the same impression. At least I figured that they would stream through PS3 but since they don't do that either I'm using my iPad.

    • Crandal
      Crandal 6 months ago

      I found the Daily Burn channel in the Channel Store on my Roku where the other offered channels are. I stream from the app on my iPad too.

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