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    RWinzer  over 2 years ago by: RWinzer

    on day 21 - I lost 5 pounds originally - which I thought wasn't horrible as my goal is 15-20. but this morning 3 came back on...really? I had one SOLID workout last week but didn't cheat once on the eating - it was just a busy week and difficult to get anything more than my daily stretch in. Trying VERY hard not to be discouraged. HOWEVER - I have felt more alert in the afternoons, etc. Not sure if that is the no gluten or dairy or I suspect maybe both.

    • RWinzer
      RWinzer 10 months ago

      ok - next day scale was 4 pounds lighter - someone suggested not weighing everyday - and doing pants do feel a little better. in "Balance" stage right now and going back to "Tracker" to see my overall calorie and carb intake...still wish these two DB apps were integrated!!!!

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