Gaining weight on ignite?

  • This morning i weighed myself and gained 8 oz.. is this normal

    Sdrake97   by: Sdrake97
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    fitsarah  7 months ago by: fitsarah

    That's such a small amount of weight! It could be a gain in muscle, or fluctuation of water weight. Try to think about this like a graph where sometimes it'll dip down and sometimes it will spike up a little -- the most important thing is that there's generally a downward trend.

      DABREON 7 months ago

      Gain in muscle

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    splott  7 months ago by: splott

    yes. it's normal for your weight to fluctuate by as much as a 2-3 lbs, from day to day, based on salt/water, digestion/elimination patterns, etc. don't panic.

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