Garden of Life RAW Protein Shakes?

  • I got a sample of the Garden of Life RAW Protein shake mix and it is pretty good. The ingredients match up to the criteria in the plan, but in the fine print at the bottom, it says "Contains (fermented) soy". I'm not sure where the soy is coming from, there is no soy protein listed in the ingredients. It has brewers yeast, Could that be it? Does that exclude this protein powder from the OK list? Help! I'm just getting started.

    schex001   by: schex001
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    TheodoraDailyBurn  over 1 year ago by: TheodoraDailyBurn

    Fermented soy is less processed than other soy, but still stay away from it if you can.

    • schex001
      schex001 10 months ago

      ok so I did some digging... the fermented soy in it is from natto.

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