Is it normal to gain weight instead of losing it?

  • Is it normal to gain weight instead of losing it. I am exercising both cardio and regular exercises, and I am using the tracker to keep within the caloric intake, and I am gaining weight not losing. i did the body fat calculations, and I have increased that too. What am I doing wrong?

    cptrosakelly   by: cptrosakelly
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    Frederick  over 2 years ago by: Frederick

    In general, using weight (especially for short term) is not an accurate way to gauge your health. If you are building muscle, there is a good chance that you will put on some weight. The trick is to continue building or maintaining muscle mass while dropping fat percentage.

    Not all calories are ingested equally. You may be putting on weight if you are eating too many carbs and not enough protein. (This doesn't mean eliminate carbs, it needs to be balanced)

    Also, how are you measuring your body fat?

    Anyways, don't get depressed and keep up the good work! Don't stop tracking your progress, it allows you to adjust your approach over time (just as you are now) and adds some accountability to yourself. :)

    • Frederick
      Frederick over 2 years ago

      p.s. Noticed you mentioned you just started. On a day to day basis, measuring weight you'll see major fluctuations. You need to look at it over medium/long term (e.g. weekly or monthly). Short term daily trends are not particularly useful.

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