Good DailyBurn workouts during arm injury

  • I have recently had a shoulder/elbow/wrist injury that is leaving me unable to do my favorite DailyBurn workouts (Tabata/Kickboxing/things with pushups and planks). I do not want to slow down on the workouts because I have been doing really well and don't want to lose steam. Any suggestions on good DailyBurn workouts that can work around an arm injury? Thanks!

    Mandywhiz   by: Mandywhiz
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    perezr06  10 months ago by: perezr06

    I'm not sure what level fitness you're at, but True Beginner has a lot of modifications to help you get back to where you need to be. Just take it easy, and good luck with your recovery!

    • perezr06
      perezr06 9 months ago


    • Mandywhiz
      Mandywhiz 10 months ago

      Thanks for the recommendation! I will give that one a shot. Moving is better than not moving, right? :-)

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    littledebbie4  9 months ago by: littledebbie4

    I can do plank but not push ups. It bother my shoulder so I use my resistance bands to do my chest exercise.

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