Grocery Woes

  • This is basically my issue with any new fitness program: they give you a bare bones grocery list, but then once you start trying to actually make food, you realize you're missing this or that. I'm not the type who can plan out (4 meals x 7 days = 28 meals) a week! How can I ensure I have what I need without making random grocery store trips I don't have time for??

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    Lucinda50  6 months ago by: Lucinda50

    I try to put aside some time at the start of the week, say Sunday, and go through the recipes, see what sounds good, and make a list. I don't plan strictly, just plan around what I know I like to eat and make sure I have those ingredients at home

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    jeepnick  6 months ago by: jeepnick

    There are lots of good work-arounds for the grocery problem. Here are a few ideas:

    Like soup? Nearly any Annie's canned soup fits the bill. Most organic soups will too so long as they are not "cream of" or "chowder" type soups. Beware roux based soups as they contain wheat. Think "veggie soup" and add your own meat if you like.

    Salad salad salad. Buy plenty of lettuce, canned corn, canned beans, some cucumbers, carrots, peppers, and some chicken. Grill up some chicken breasts and toss them in the fridge for later. Chop them up, add them to the salad and Presto! you have a great meal. You can even grab a few cans of tuna if you like instead of chicken or make taco meat for a taco salad. Want some crunch? Add tortilla strips. Use regular fat vinaigrette dressings and you'll avoid all of the Evil 6. The options are endless.

    Eggs and fruit make a great breakfast. Want a good omelette? Add canned black beans, some peppers maybe, and top it with salsa. Delicious.

    Tortilla chips are usually gluten free so feel free to make some chips and salsa from time to time.

    Eat fruit. It is easy to carry, tastes great, and can be had for not too much money.

    Beans and rice? Many people across the world live on the stuff. Make some rice, heat up some canned black beans and you have a meal. Too boring? Add a scrambled egg or two on top or mix in some salsa. Find a way to spice it up, but honestly, I could eat black beans and rice several times per week and be happy. (Extra bonus: It is super cheap!)

    In a rush for breakfast? Boil a half-dozen eggs and put them in the fridge. When you have to go quickly just grab a few and take them with you.

    Nuts do a body good. Integrate some nuts in your diet to stave off cravings. Any kind will do but I recommend almonds as they are probably one of the more low-fat options available. You could even mix in some dried fruit and coconut to make some tasty trail mix.

    Use coconut oil to cook with instead of butter. It tastes great, doesn't burn in the pan like butter, and it is dairy free.

    I hope these ideas give you some options. Don't over-think it. I have even found that, when pushed, I can find something to eat at nearly any restaurant, even fast food joints. Don't try to remember what you CAN have, just ask yourself if the food you look at includes something you CAN NOT. It makes it so much easier to discover just how much food is available to you everywhere you go.

    Good luck!

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