Handling people in your environment

  • One major problem for me is having people around me who minimize my need to be healthier and to loss weight. I start eating more because I start believing that it is okay and no harm done. Afterwards, I feel guilty.

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    My fiancé is among those who can eat and eat without gaining weight and he has finally come to learn that he needs to support me in my endeavors (which has been a great help at home). The office on the other hand is a completely different situation. What I have done is this... I go to lunch with coworkers, but I generally just pick at the food then take the leftovers home to the endlessly eating man. When there are cakes and goodies (which there seem to be everyday), I grab a piece of whatever it is to socialize but then discard of it later. I know it seems wasteful, but I would rather have it in the trash than on my gorgeous hips! Good luck. It's always a struggle.

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