Has anybody had success connecting bluetooth headphones to their iPad while using the iPad as their primary screen on Daily Burn workouts?

  • Whenever I try to use my wireless bluetooth headphones for the audio component of a workout on my iPad, the app switches to the 'Second Screen' and will only display my stats (HR, cals burned, etc.). When I use the iPad speakers (not a great alternative), this is not a problem. I workout in a small gym where it's not exactly convenient or considerate to have my iPad or an attached speaker playing the audio.

    kentrj99   by: kentrj99
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    Jeffandailyburn  about 1 year ago by: Jeffandailyburn

    We just released an update that addresses that issue. So try updating your Dailyburn app.

    • Jeffandailyburn
      Jeffandailyburn 10 months ago

      Hi Sunshine! Yes, please try going to your profile tab and switch on support airplay audio.

    • sunshine6714
      sunshine6714 10 months ago

      I've updated my app as of April 7 and my headphones are still recognized as the "main" screen so if I hear the program through the headphones, I only see the stats on my screen. Any suggestions?

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