has anyone bought a protein shake that is not the daily burn fuel that is approved?

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    jquintana512  over 1 year ago by: jquintana512

    It really is best to go with a brand that offers quality protein without unnecessary "fillers" like carbs and sugars. I take BSN Syntha-6 matrix now, largely because I like the wide variety of flavors, it mixes very well, and goes down so smooth. But, it does have maybe more sugars and carbs than some might care. Optimum Nutrition whey is also very popular; it comes highly recommended by my husband, his buddies, and a lot of other people who hit the gym. Hope this helps!

    • ellabreyes
      ellabreyes over 1 year ago

      I currently drink a vegan friendly protein shake made of hemp protein, pea and rice protein sweetened slighlty with touch of stevia :)

    • kristamarcum
      kristamarcum about 1 year ago

      What is it called?

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    concretegardenstx  over 1 year ago by: concretegardenstx

    I just ordered the Nature's Way Alive! Pea protein shake. No soy, no dairy, no wheat. Only 15g of protein, but very affordable. I haven't received it yet, but I figured I could do a scoop and a half of powder to get closer to 20g protein.

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