Has anyone completed 30 pull-ups, 75 push-ups, 90 squats, 30 burpees, or 75 sit-ups in their minute-long challenges?

  • Each and every one of those tasks seem humanly impossible to me.

    paulthurwachter   by: paulthurwachter
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    Drmonroedvm  over 2 years ago by: Drmonroedvm

    Yes, yes they do seem impossible. You probably have to throw good form out the window if you are going for speed.

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    terpgomer  over 2 years ago by: terpgomer

    Part of the issue is different videos show different forms of the move. On the basic form, I did 30 burpees in 1 minute.

    • paulthurwachter
      paulthurwachter 10 months ago

      Whoa. That's a lot of squats in a minute!

    • terpgomer
      terpgomer 10 months ago

      I hit 89 squats today. Uh!!!!! :(

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    chrisminniti  over 2 years ago by: chrisminniti

    wouldn't you rather have something to strive after than something that was too easy?

    • paulthurwachter
      paulthurwachter 10 months ago

      True. Time to be a superhuman.

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