Has anyone else gained weight during the ignite?

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    amber2013  over 1 year ago by: amber2013

    no because if you workout and eat health you shouldn't gain weight but to answer your question NO

    • SAB42
      SAB42 over 1 year ago

      I gained 4 ounces in the last 2 days for an unknown reason. Sticking to Ignite liberally. Its around my time of the month so maybe thats why. I have not started excercising yet but have lost over 5 pounds. Just checked the scale this morning and lost a whole pound overnight! That surely made up for those two days! Keep to the portions and check those ingredients and youll be fine.

    • bdeleeuw
      bdeleeuw over 1 year ago

      Thanks ladies. I realize it was that time of the month that caused the gain.

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