Has anyone else had problems with gas after starting daily fuel shakes?

  • I just got my Fuel this Wednesday. I've had one shake in the morning on Thursday and Friday and yikes! Super-gaseous emissions! Has anyone else experienced this?

    JennyDahl   by: JennyDahl
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    artbeware  over 1 year ago by: artbeware

    Maybe you want to ease into it. Do mini-shakes at night, to get adjusted, but try to stick with ignite during the day, with a modified normal breakfast. I had this problem too, but it turned out it was PMS combined with transition. It got better after the first week.

    • artbeware
      artbeware over 1 year ago

      Maybe some beano?

    • JennyDahl
      JennyDahl over 1 year ago

      I was actually able to fix the issue with a bit of gasx. Thanks for all the helpful responses!

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    JennyDahl  over 1 year ago by: JennyDahl

    It's definitely the shakes. And I think I figured it out. The shake has broccoli powder in it, and I've known for a long time that broccoli does baaaad things to me. I'm going to have to find an alternative. :-( thanks for your answers! Keep burning it up!

    • SAB42
      SAB42 over 1 year ago

      Broccoli does that to me too sometimes. But I'm determined to finish off my dailyburn shakes since I spent so much money on them. I guess I need to avoid the public for a while!

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    mythicalgriffons  over 1 year ago by: mythicalgriffons

    I dont do the shakes so i cant say yes or no on it, but i would assume it is more a product of more veggies and fruits then the shakes. Everyone responds differently to diet change.

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    KateHough  over 1 year ago by: KateHough

    Also, the shake includes a fiber supplement. If you are not used to eating much fiber in your diet, your body is probably just getting used to it :)

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    SAB42  over 1 year ago by: SAB42

    OMG! I will be ready to start the shakes in a few days. Please dont tell me that!!

    • joeshorette
      joeshorette about 1 year ago

      Gas is common when changing your diet, especially when adding fiberous sp? foods. Gasx always works well after a meal. Believe it or not, hot sauce on beans and other veggies that give you gas, helps reduce the amount of gas.

    • Shaninphxaz
      Shaninphxaz 12 days ago

      I've always have had horrible GI problems with any protein powder I've tried. I started using Amazing Grass's Amazing Meal and have no problems with it. It is Organic • Raw • Soy Free • Dairy Free • Vegan • Gluten Free • Kosher. I know Daily Burn prefers we use their shakes, but if you have a sensitive GI tract this one works great!

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