Has anyone else had to reignite? I am a bit disappointed in myself.

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    rhaden  over 1 year ago by: rhaden

    I had to reignite. This was a huge change for me, and it has been difficult. However, I've lost 9 pounds this month, so I'm satisfied. And it actually is beginning to get easier.

    • rhaden
      rhaden over 1 year ago

      It does get easier, though I don't think it would be a sustainable permanent change for me. I think that by the time I finish my four weeks of Ignite (interrupted by a restaurant meal), the Balance phase will be realistic for the long term. It wouldn't have been if I had started off with it.

    • Jen632
      Jen632 over 1 year ago

      yes. I agree. Can't wait to be done with the ignite stage, it seems the balance stage is more doable.

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    thegirlonfiyah  over 1 year ago by: thegirlonfiyah

    I did today. I had a self-defiant moment, basically, where I was at lunch with friends and was, like, why shouldn't I have a glass of red wine? One turned to two, and then some bread. Eek! Am frustrated with myself, but I know it doesn't mean I have to go back to eating terribly again. We'll all just try again! :-)

    • thegirlonfiyah
      thegirlonfiyah over 1 year ago

      Jen, TOTALLY feel you-- we were at an Italian place and that is my weakness. I think I may just have to avoid Italian cuisine until Ignite is over, at least! Rhaden, that was the feeling I had today--it's Restaurant Week in NYC and I didn't want to feel totally left out of the "gourmet experience". Like you say, I'm sure my friends wouldn't have actually cared if I had the wine or not (more for them!). And even if they did care, I need to learn to not let that derail me. If anyone needs an Ignite buddy I'd love to team up; my friends don't have the portion control/stress eating issues I do and my fiance is just like "Whatever, you look great." Sweet, but not entirely helpful! :-)

    • Jen632
      Jen632 over 1 year ago

      I can actually say it is not too too hard going out to eat. i have found some ignite friendly food on the menu other than salad> its usually grilled fish and roasted or steamed veggies though. Restaurant week should be starting up here in Charleston too and I'm sure it wont be grilled fish on the menu lol.
      My husband does the same thing but we have to be happy with ourselves, they don't get it or they just don't want to hurt our feelings.

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    KeepHisTemple  over 1 year ago by: KeepHisTemple

    Yeah... ON THE 1st DAY!! Hahaha! It is alright love. I was so exasperated with myself but, we all just have to get used to this kind of discipline (eating correctly). There's no excuse for cheating, but they always say practice makes perfect right!? =P And now you have this feeling of disappointment to haunt you into excellence! Hahahaha! That's how I think of it anyway. =} Hope that wasn't a harsh answer love.. don't mind me.

    • Jen632
      Jen632 over 1 year ago

      No not harsh, just honest. :) and true. lol

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