Has anyone figured out how to write down their food instead of having to take a photo?

  • I don't always have time to grab my phone at work and take a pic, but I'd like to record my lunch or snack. Is there a way to just write it down?

    cyclesue   by: cyclesue
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    comebackmomma  over 1 year ago by: comebackmomma

    I use My Fitness Pal. It's a great app that can even take bar codes to track any packaged foods. It does a great job of setting your calories for the day and adjusting for workouts.

    • GenerouslyEm
      GenerouslyEm over 1 year ago

      I also use My Fitness Pal. It's great not only for logging your food intake, but your workouts from Daily Burn. My only complaint with DB is that it doesn't permanently record calorie loss after the workouts. I've gotten in the habit of going straight to My Fitness Pal right after I complete a workout here and plugging in the calorie number so I can keep track and keep pushing!

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    begregoi  over 1 year ago by: begregoi

    If I didn't take a photo of my smoothie I made in the morning and I wanted to track it in this new ignite plan, I just upload a placeholder photo instead. You could make an image in a photo editor that just says No Photo Taken and upload and that should work. I forgot to take a photo of my smoothie this morning again too.

    • ayovich
      ayovich over 1 year ago

      i have been keeping photos that I can reuse. I have often taken a photo of my empty plate.

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    deannav18  over 1 year ago by: deannav18

    I use a free app called loseit.com it keeps track of the calories and you can also scan bar codes and the name and calories will show up. You can also log online and use the app if you can't use your phone

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