Has anyone had a problem following the diet at first?

  • Has anyone had a problem following the diet at first because I am having a hard time finding foods I like that are healthy. Can anyone give me some tips on what they did to make the change over smoothly?

    mborrero   by: mborrero
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    kvm86  4 months ago by: kvm86

    When I first went paleo this is how I planned all of my meals - pick a meat or a protein source (beans, eggs, etc) then match it with a carb - usually i would do squash or sweet potato and then I'd fill out the rest of my meal with veg or salad. As much as I could shove in my face. It's a lot of work at first - if you don't cook it's going to be even harder but you can find stuff. Grocery store take away can sometimes be really helpful - buy a chicken and salad. It seems boring but you get used to it after a while and it's going to make you feel amazing. Oh, and if you can try and make your own salad dressing. It's pretty easy - make a large quantity and then just keep it in your fridge.

    • VickyCab81
      VickyCab81 4 months ago

      I have basically made things I already ate but modified them to meet the rules. Check out skinnytaste.com. I love their recipes - they have some paleo and gluten free recipes. You can probably eat most of the things you were eating by making modifications. example: fajitas- leave out dairy and use gf corn tortillas. I'm near the end of my second week on Ignite and it gets easier as you go along. Don't get discouraged! I try to plan out my meals for the week and get all my prep done in one day so it's faster to make the meals on the day of. Check out local farmers markets as they are better alternatives and much cheaper than the fancy grocery stores. Good luck! You can do this. :)

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    TheodoraDailyBurn  4 months ago by: TheodoraDailyBurn

    It's definitely not easy, but you can do it! Make sure to focus on what you *can* have, not what you can't have. If it helps, look for healthier versions of your favorite unhealthy foods.

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    estella  4 months ago by: estella

    don't get discouraged, follow the basics of the diet plan and you will be fine. there are other healthy simple recipes out there that taste pretty good, go to youtube.com/fitmencook his recipes are not only simple, healthy, and costly but they are also kid friendly. and remember every ones body is different, if the diet plan isn't working for you look for another healthy diet plan to follow, that is what I had to do...

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