Has anyone had results with DailyBurn Ignite. I am thinking about doing it, but not sure. Also, dinners are my concern because it would be

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    PMartin  10 months ago by: PMartin

    I really enjoyed it. Got rid of a lot of my cravings and bad habits and gave me a fresh start for the future.

    • Lfrench08
      Lfrench08 10 months ago

      How much is the food totals?

    • PMartin
      PMartin 10 months ago

      I'm not sure what you mean. Are you asking about costs? On ignite you buy your own food. I buy PlantFusion shake for my breakfast and then I bought veggies, etc. that fit within the program guidelines. There are breads out there like Paleo that are simple and clean with no gluten so you can make sandwiches and they also give you all kinds of recepies. Not really an issue for me as I buy fresh and clean most of the time anyway.

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