Has anyone here tried the new Nike + Fuel band, or is thinking of trying it?

  • I am thinking of getting one once it is in stock again, but any experience or user rating of it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    Bathsheba   by: Bathsheba
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    mmj614  almost 2 years ago by: mmj614

    I have one and it is a good aditional motivator. I end up charging mine every night becuase it just can't seem to make two full days expecially if you are more active.

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    CrypticButton  about 2 years ago by: CrypticButton

    Hey! Im thinking of getting one too. I was reading some reviews about it and the only "cons" that I see keep reappearing is that its "calories burned" and "steps" counts were not that accurate.

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    Bathsheba  about 2 years ago by: Bathsheba

    I bought one, and it is great!

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