Has anyone tried intermittent fasting?

  • It's supposed to help you live longer and keep you healthier overall. Has anyone done it? I've heard a lot about it in CrossFit and Paleo communities and I recently watched a BBC documentary about a middle age man who improved his healthy by doing 5 days normal/2 days fasting. It seems like it's on the brink of research still though.

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    I listen to Nutrition Diva podcasts and she addressed this very issue in one of her episodes - http://nutritiondiva.quickand... Among the potential benefits she mentions are reduced stress and inflammation in cells, and reduced overall calorie intake (even if you end up eating a bit more at the meal right after your fast). She includes links to several studies about the potential benefits. The episode also includes a link to the blog of a man who experimented with intermittent fasting; you can read about his experience here - http://inhumanexperiment.blog...
    I can't say I've done a lot of this myself (I love food too much!), but when I have managed it, it feels like a nice break for my body.

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