A couple of my friends are taking green coffee bean extract. do any of you out there take it and if so, what have your results been?

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    jojoleb  about 1 year ago by: jojoleb

    I tried it and didn't think that it did all that much. The brand I had used was Jarrows, a respectable name in supplements.

    As far as the weight loss goes, one of the reasons that this supplement may not have worked so well for me may be a dosing and/or timing issue. I looked up some studes and the recommended dose was anywhere from 80 to 1050 mg of green coffee extract per day. After a three to six week period, the average weight loss in the studies was somewhere around 1.5-2.5 kg (3.5 to 5.5 lbs). I lost only about one pound during my trial period.

    Most studies used the supplement two or three times per day with meals. I took a 400 mg capsule twice daily, but was not careful to take it before meals. I stuck to my usual modest calorie restriction (I wasn't using the Ignite program) and exercised 30 to 60 minutes (my usual routine) over the trial period.

    I think if I tried it again, I'd up it to 800 mg three times per day and take the supplement with meals. I would also try to restrict my calories a bit more and might see what the green coffee extract might do in combination with other supplements.

    • kathzanatta
      kathzanatta about 1 year ago

      This helps alot jojoleb, thank you!

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