Have other people noticed your change?

  • It felt great when I saw my parents and I had lost weight.

    stephenb   by: stephenb
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    Trynity  about 2 years ago by: Trynity

    I've noticed that my pants have a looser fit. I'm almost done with Ignite. So looking forward to having some cheese.

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    Anthony  over 2 years ago by: Anthony

    Awesome! I definitely feel more toned and I attribute that to both the DB workouts and starting Ignite. Can't wait to notice and appreciate the upcoming changes as I get further into Ignite. ( and have others notice as well!)

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    unlvrod  about 1 year ago by: unlvrod

    They have noticed my weight-loss and how nice my skin looks.

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    Alangdon  11 months ago by: Alangdon

    I am a teacher and haven't seen my coworkers in about three weeks so they haven't seen me since I started ignite and working out using DB.

    I met the ladies for lunch yesterday and they actually had me stand up from the table and do a turn for them because they noticed that I had lost weight and had gotten toned!

    Now THAT is a good feeling!

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