Having some problems with streaming lately, anything I can do about it?

  • I have had some recent problems with the video streaming. When I start up a video it seems to stutter and at times the Dailyburn app on my iPhone 4 crashes.

    The solution seems to be to start the video, allow for the stutter. If it makes it to the first exercise segment, I close the program. When I restart the program, I choose to resume the video and then the streaming seems to work okay.

    I am using the same WiFi (wireless N) set up and same iPhone 4 I have used since beginning the Dailyburn and this is the first time I've had any problems with streaming. Basically, this started over the past week. I don't think it's about the bandwidth on my side--that seems to be the same and I haven't changed up any of my equipment.

    Please advise....

    jojoleb   by: jojoleb
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    Anthony  over 2 years ago by: Anthony

    All technical issues can be sent to our support team over at support@dailyburn.com. Our developers will be able to check out any issues and if there's any bug or problem causing this, they'll be able to resolve it.

    • jojoleb
      jojoleb 10 months ago

      Got response from tech support. The glitches appear to be app related and have been fixed in the new version that will be released very soon.

      Good to know it wasn't my iPhone. Sad to know that there's not much to do at this point...

    • jojoleb
      jojoleb 10 months ago


      I will contact tech support.

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