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  • My day starts at 6:30 in the morning and doesn't end til around 11:00 at night when I get home, but then I have to start my homework. I don't have a lot of time to cook something if I want to get a decent nights sleep so I was wondering what my possibilities were for eating out without totally blowing my diet.

    nwatzig   by: nwatzig
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    WebsterUSAF  over 2 years ago by: WebsterUSAF

    You could always cook a bunch of something on the weekend or whenever you have time and eat it throughout the week. For instance, I cook A LOT of chicken/rice on Sunday, portion it out into tupperware containers, and eat those throughout the week. It may not be much of a variety, but I know that what im eating is beneficial to my diet.

    • nwatzig
      nwatzig over 2 years ago

      I'll have to try that, thanks!

    • Jewlzm
      Jewlzm over 2 years ago

      I also portion out my salads for the week. That way they are ready and waiting so I dont reach for the ice cream instead.
      Pre chop a bunch of veggies as well as cook chicken breast and the rice idea above so you can pick and choose what different type of food you want to throw in a skillet to heat up. Different sauces / veggies/ meat can equal a different meal every night

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    caridad722  almost 2 years ago by: caridad722

    For eating out, the This/Not That books are good. Hungry Girl ( has lots of easy recipes and eating out tips. You can make easy meal combinations though with a few tools.

    For a healthy carb:
    * Cook brown rice or Quinoa in a rice cooker
    * Cook whole wheat couscous on the stove (~5 minutes)
    * Cook a sweet potato all day the slow cooker
    * Buy pre-cooked plain brown rice and heat in microwave

    For a healthy vegetable
    * Steam vegetables in a rice cooker or microwave
    * Buy frozen vegetables and microwave
    * Buy pre-washed lettuce/salad mixes and toss with vinegar and/or oil

    For a healthy protein
    * Cook lean cuts of pork, chicken, or beef in the slow cooker
    ** You can also do variety like turkey meat balls
    * Heat black beans for a few minutes fin a sauce pan.
    * Cook hard boiled eggs (can be cooked ahead for a few days)
    * Drink vanilla protein powder mixed with ice for a "milk" shake

    Combine the above with sauces/spices for more combinations
    * Add salsa or cilantro, chili and lime for Mexican flavor
    * Add hot chili sauce, fish sauce, rice vinegar, soy sauce, ginger for East Asian flavor
    * Add tomato marinara, basil, oregano, lemon for italian flavor
    * Add curry powder, cumin, tumeric for an Indian flavor
    * Use Mrs. Dash spices for a combination that already tastes well together

    There are also a lot more healthy frozen options out there than there used to be, like the Amy's ( line. I also like Dr. McDougall's soup cups (

    • acahernandez
      acahernandez over 1 year ago

      Wow thanks for the web-sites this will be very helpful for me.

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    Bathsheba  over 2 years ago by: Bathsheba

    You might look at some of the "Eat This Not That" books. I think they are put out by Men's Health, they give healthy (or healthier) eating options for popular restaurants and they have a supermarket version that covers snack foods and pre-prepared meals.

    • nwatzig
      nwatzig over 2 years ago

      I'll definitely check those out, thank you for your help!

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    topalka  over 2 years ago by: topalka

    All of the answers you've got are what I would have suggested. I especially do the "Sunday prep". Making extra of chicken breasts and just adding the extras are a great idea. I'm sure there will be a day that you just "grab" something quick, remember to be aware of what you're eating and think about the choices in front of you. I struggle with this daily myself so it's a little motivational speech for myself as well!

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    Roselyn  over 2 years ago by: Roselyn

    When you cook too much and don't want to eat it for the next couple of days, put them in the freezer and froze them. When you want to eat put them in the oven or microwave. We always have leftovers and my parents go for a vacation, I eat those taking out from the freezer, don't even have to cook for myself. =) This way your sunday cooking won't go wasted if you can't eat whole the stuff you cooked.

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    phormalitize  almost 2 years ago by: phormalitize

    Some of the options at Chipotle are pretty good (just cut out the cheese, sour cream, fattier meats, etc.) I also really like subway for nights I just can't face cooking something and have no leftovers to fall back on. It's hard though, most places aren't going to give you as good a meal as you'd make for yourself, healthwise at least!

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    buckry  over 2 years ago by: buckry

    I don't do it often, but McDonald's Sante Fe Salad is a really good low cal fast food option. It's actually fairly tasty as well. Certainly had a lot better, but not sure I've ever had one with only 330 calories.

    My other option isn't exactly eating out but I keep these 1 portion veggie trays in my fridge at work. Whenver things get crazy that's my go to lunch. It's 150 calories of baby carrots, broccoli, and celery, and a tiny cup of dip. It's enough to buy me a couple of hours, and if things are still crazy I just eat another one.

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    Maaike  about 2 years ago by: Maaike

    Wow, that's a heavy schedule! Isn't there a way to get a bit more time for your dinners? I would go nuts if my days were always like this.

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    kawaiola  almost 2 years ago by: kawaiola

    I'm also a big believer of prepping food in bulk and portioning everything out to eat. I try to do this twice a week, typically grilling a protein (usually chicken thighs or salmon filets) and prepping veggies (either sauteeing them or chopping for salad). I also do smoothies a lot. I keep frozen fruits and protein powder at my desk and whip something together with our office Magic Bullet.

    As far as eating out, look for salads wherever possible (and choose a vinaigrette-style dressing, and try to use only half!), pass on the carbs (for instance, I know at Subway you can turn any sandwich into a salad), drink water only, and skip dessert!

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