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  • I travel A LOT for work (like, every week, on a plane to another location). Since I obviously can't cook in a hotel room and packing a week's worth of pre-cooked stuff is just totally impractical, I need some good options for restaurant foods. Suggestions?

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    phormalitize  over 1 year ago by: phormalitize

    I also travel a ton and have the same issue. I make sure to always stay in a hotel with a kitchen, and then I stock up on a few basics (some hotels will even shop for you! Marriott's Residence Inn gives you a list you can fill out and they'll deliver it to your room.) This was a lifesaver for me.

    As far as restaurants go, if you have self control I think Chipotle is actually a really good option - their veggie or chicken options (with no cheese/sour cream) are decent health-wise (although high in sodium). Subway is another go-to for me. Sushi, while expensive, is another great option...

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      Thanks...I'll have to look into the hotel shopper thing! I really despise Chipotle - Mexican and Latin food in general relaly - so I avoid it. Thanks though for the response!!

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    KateHough  over 1 year ago by: KateHough

    I've always had issues with airports. I think it is the combination of boredom, anxiety, and lack of healthy options. One of my new airport rituals is to find a restaurant that serves a salad with a lean meat (if a need a meal). If I don't need a meal, I go to the magazine stand and buy a magazine, a seltzer water, and a bag of almonds. As far as restaurant options while traveling, I find that Japanese restaurants have a variety of healthy choices. In hotels, I stash mini carrots and hummus and healthy dinner leftovers in the mini fridge.

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