Help! I'm craving chocolate!

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    SAB42  over 1 year ago by: SAB42

    I dont crave chocolate because I enjoy a chocolate protein shake every other day!

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    sleekbird  over 1 year ago by: sleekbird

    Here are my lines of defense:

    1) Drink a big glass of water
    2) If 1 doesn't work, then I eat a Chobani yogurt or eat some Xylitol mints (it's a natural sugar with the added benefit of preventing cavities)
    3) if 1 or 2 don't work, then I buy a really dark chocolate (pretty good for you) and eat a couple of squares.

    • sleekbird
      sleekbird over 1 year ago

      Yummmm... I love really dark chocolate!

    • JohnnyO
      JohnnyO over 1 year ago

      Is dark chocolate approved for the ignite phase? Curious, because this is my biggest craving. DailyBurn Chocolate Fuel helps with this, but a small piece of high quality high cacao dark chocolate would be nice. I haven't had any to date, I'm on day 12.

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    teewillis  10 months ago by: teewillis

    Gymnema is a supplement that takes away sugar cravings - I don't go off sugar without it!

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    rachelgrimsley  4 months ago by: rachelgrimsley

    what i do so i don't eat a chocolate i have a chocolate protein shake😁

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