Help! My protein shake didn't come with a scooper!

  • I did some research and found another protein shake that was free of the Evil 6 (plant protein based, with 21 g of protein, etc, etc) and I'm getting ready to use it tomorrow by preblending the coconut milk and fruit so as not to wake the universe with what I believe is the world's loudest blender...and I discovered that it didn't come with a scooper!

    About how much is a "scoop"? A tablespoon? Could I use my scooper from my french press? HALP!

    adrianalee   by: adrianalee
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    Anthony  about 2 years ago by: Anthony

    I'm not sure which Fuel alternative you're using, but a lot of the times, the scoop moves to the bottle of the container. You may want to either shake up the container or use a utensil to dig it out. Also, there's roughly 22 grams of Fuel in one scoop, so it'd be approximately 1 ½ tablespoons of powder.

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