Hi! Anyone found an equivalent to the Dailyburn Fuel shake in Canada?

  • DailyBurn doesn't deliver to Canada so I need to find another option. Someone told about the Vega One (http://shopca.myvega.com/vega...) but the protein content isn't enough (15gr whereas DailyBurn recommends at least 20gr). Or would it be possible to use the Vega One shake and add 5gr of protein in another form to the shake? Thanks

    Hasina   by: Hasina
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    KateHough  over 2 years ago by: KateHough

    Hi Hasina! Vega One is a great alternative. I would just add 1.25 scoops of the Vega One protein and add a little more liquid to your shakes to make life easier.

    • Hasina
      Hasina 10 months ago

      Great! Thanks Kate!

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