High Protein Food For A Veggie?

  • Hi , i was wondering what are high protein food for a veggie? for my weight i need around 120g a day and i'm struggling! i have eggs but no matter how many egg whites i have i STILL cant reach that amount of g's! any suggestions?

    theshanman97   by: theshanman97
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    JoseP  about 2 years ago by: JoseP

    Hi there. Quinoa is a great source of protein. Greek Yogurt (Chobani brand) perfect!

    Here is what I am having at this moment for breakfast: Greek Yogurt 6oz (16g protein), 1/4 cup of Granola (Bear Naked brand) which has 6g of protein and a protein shake (Water & Whey Protein) which has 30g of protein.

    • michaelk
      michaelk over 1 year ago

      Suggestion: yoghurt can tend to have sugar added, so you might want to watch out for that

    • Shrtlgs13
      Shrtlgs13 8 months ago

      Remember that eating high protein isn't necessarily a good thing. Our body requires a certain amount of protein in a day; if we eat extra, the excess gets stored as fat.

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    misssandy  about 2 years ago by: misssandy

    Tofu, soy milk, tempeh( all from organic beans), beans, quinoa, buckwheat, whey powder, soy meat substitutes, Greek yogurt, plain unsweetened yogurt, low fat milk, nut butters, cottage cheese. Options are really endless!

    • theshanman97
      theshanman97 about 2 years ago

      thank you! sadly i cant buy tempeh as i cant find anywhere that stocks it but thank you for the other suggestions!

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    karenswim  about 2 years ago by: karenswim

    You have received great answers so far and all things I would recommend. If you don't do dairy, instead of whey powder try Vega or Hemp. Chia seeds, and nuts are also another source of protein.

    • karenswim
      karenswim about 2 years ago

      I know the feeling! When I first relocated I could not find many of the foods and products I used. It's gotten better but I definitely understand the challenge. For the vegan protein powders you can always order online and if your local grocery store doesn't carry quinoa, you can ask them to begin stocking it. You can also order food products from Amazon.com believe it or not, and the prices are actually pretty good.

    • kawaiola
      kawaiola almost 2 years ago

      I didn't know chia seeds were a source of protein -- thank you! I recently purchased a package and have been putting them in my smoothies, but I didn't really know why or what they were doing for me, lol!

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    thrivefit  about 2 years ago by: thrivefit

    I love dry roasted edamame. 14 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber per serving. Very filling and easy to take along. I usually have a serving for my morning snack. Also dried peas. They have about 7 grams of protein per serving.

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    NickAR  about 2 years ago by: NickAR

    I'm no expert, and as mentioned by karenswim, nuts are quite high in protein. My particular favorite are Cashews. They have good protein and healthy fats, but don't over indulge, as with most things!

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    brucelemieux6412960  about 2 years ago by: brucelemieux6412960

    Beans are the best... You can't find a veggie product with more protein. You have cereal on the market with a lot protein (ex: Kashi is a great mark).

    But I have just 1 suggestion : Don't look the package to make your choice, the company write in big on the package (great source of fiber or protein), but when you look the nutrition facts label you don't have more protein or fiber that another mark, and sometimes less.

    Look nutrition facts label in your grocery and you will find by yourself what you love eat with enough protein.

    • karenswim
      karenswim about 2 years ago

      Agree, beans are a great source of protein. Some breads, like Ezekiel also have some protein. I love cereal but only buy the organic brands because of the pesticides used on crops. Sadly, Kashi is no longer a brand I buy as it is not USDA Certified Organic.

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    YankDownUnder  about 2 years ago by: YankDownUnder

    I use whey protein powder for both meal replacement or after workout protein for muscle repair. Admittedly, my IsoWhey only gives you about 16g per serve, but every little bit helps :)

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    alexghafir12888  about 2 years ago by: alexghafir12888

    Fish, and pasta are high in proteins

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    deannav18  over 1 year ago by: deannav18

    I don't know if it's really considered a veggie but avocados are high in protein.

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