Whats is the best food for weight loss?

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    very_cherry  over 1 year ago by: very_cherry

    Foods with low glycemic index and high in protein --> quinoa, oatmeal, kale, etc.

    For me raw kale worked wonders. That stuff is off the charts.

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    anjag  over 1 year ago by: anjag

    Protein has the highest satiety factor (out of carbs, fats and protein) so itll keep you fuller longer and helps support growth of lean muscle which will speed up your metabolism! Love the below response and then add lean proteins such as chicken, turkey, lamb, fish! Hope this helps!

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    synapse111  over 1 year ago by: synapse111

    Foods in my experience are incredibly personal. From taste to emotions and beyond. I've found after 24 years of tinkering with my diet, and more recently the impact of a foods reactivity on one's on personal system. For example, oats are super reactive 'for me'. Salmon was insanely reactive to another woman. Turkey is also known to be reactive, but chicken is not. Yet I know someone who can not eat either. Only halibut and steak! Depending on your system, the combination of some starches with some type's of vege's will actually induce weight loss. Reactivity is your body's 'reaction' to food (or chemicals) it doesn't like. So your organ's will simply hold water to protect themselves. Eating low reactive will allow you to find a homeostatis condition by allowing your organs to simply function without the constant battle of protection. For me, once getting there, its a further experiment of eating correct ratio's of protein, carbs and fat. It also matters on what days you eat these ratio's, depending on the type and level of exertion you have. Further getting the right amount of calories is key. Too few and your body thinks its starving and will hold on to everything it can, stagnating loss. Too many... we'll that's easy. I'd consider myself athletic and in very good physical condition. Getting the latter part of this equation still proves to be an everlasting education where I learn daily. Lastly there the emotional impact of food. Eating bland foods all the time isn't sustainable. How terrible is it to entertain or be entertained and all you can eat is bland? Having a relationship with your food is key. In the end, I've boiled it down to this. The 80/20 rule or for me... "Balance" 80% of the time I care, 20% of the time I don't. in the end there is no magic formula. Take the journey and know that's its an odyssey with lots of ups and downs and know that your learning will remain constant and ongoing and that your implementation of that learning must remain consistent and that it should never be a diet, yet simply an evolving way of life. Check out The Lyn-Genet Plan or the Whole Life Nutrition (they have a similar thing called the Elimination Diet) for guidance and research on food reactivity.

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