Hmm ok Anyone else on Intelliburn getting the same workout more then one day in a row?

  • Box N burn Day 1 and 2
    ????something burn Day 3
    Animal Core Day 4 and 5

    Anyone else getting the same kind of problem? Or is the program suppose to be like that?

    mythicalgriffons   by: mythicalgriffons
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    gbsngrl  over 2 years ago by: gbsngrl

    I'm not sure about IntelliBurn, but the TBT program I am on is the same. Two days of the same video in a row, followed by a recovery video for a day (or two), then the same video two days in a row again. In theory, you spend the first day learning the moves/routine and then the second day you are supposed to focus more on form and getting reps up (at least in TBT). So I would hazard to guess that perhaps it is designed that way on purpose.

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    adt36  over 2 years ago by: adt36

    This happens to me sometimes, too. If you don't want to do the same workout two days in a row, you can always click on "select another workout" (upper right) and choose something else.

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    workit  over 2 years ago by: workit

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