How accurate is the ongoing posting of expended calories during the workouts?

  • A box is displayed periodically throughout the program that logs expended calories. What is it based on - me - or the instructors and how accurate is it?

    wilkinsr   by: wilkinsr
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    QueenB87  6 months ago by: QueenB87

    I think it is based on the current weight you have entered (that would make more sense) I really enjoy those little updates throughout the workout, keeps me motivated. So I hope it is based on us =)

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    Drmonroedvm  6 months ago by: Drmonroedvm

    I always thought it is based on the weight you enter in the beginning of the video. They can estimate your calorie burning by that and the estimated intensity of the workout.

    • Depepsi
      Depepsi 5 months ago

      I'd say that keeping your weight as up-to-date as you can is a good idea.

    • Depepsi
      Depepsi 4 months ago

      I have checked a few external sites, and there is no way that I could be burning as many calories as Daily Burn says that I am on the website. And the Daily Burn Heart Rate monitor indicates that I am burning roughly twice the estimates that the website gives. I am getting a Polar FT4 monitor for greater accuracy. I will be able to input age, gender, and weight on it, and I hope it works better than the site currently does.

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