How are people doing on Ignite?

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    FitKitty1  over 1 year ago by: FitKitty1

    I am on week 2 and it's going well! My energy is on the incline, my headaches are gone, and my weight loss has been GREAT! I have to say that I missed having a glass of wine for my birthday but the weight loss and this great feeling is way better than any glass of wine.

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    SAB42  about 1 year ago by: SAB42

    I have 2 days left on Ignite!! I lost about 11 pounds so far!! Did not have to reignite. Sometimes I would get a temptation, like going to both of my nephews birthdays this month and the cake calls me. But I looked for about 10 seconds and starting talking to my family again and forgot about it. I always made sure I was not hungry and raided the salad bar for a healthy snack to keep my mind clear. I'm almost there! I'm so happy! I am a little nervous to go to the balance stage and add more calories to my diet. I may just stay on Ignite a while longer to get to my goal and then maybe use a couple of my points. I'm still learning how to coordinate my dinners with my families, so I don't look out of place.

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    Katts1  about 1 year ago by: Katts1

    2 days left on ignite. Down 8 pounds. Energy level up. Finding foods on the go is the hardest part. Can't wait for balance.

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    editress  over 1 year ago by: editress

    Day 3 and so far so good. Soy is my hardest item to give up. I only eat fish and love sushi so no soy sauce and love tofu in my salad. Oh no wine this weekend will be hard but I can do it.

    • christijones84
      christijones84 2 months ago

      You can follow the grocery list if you want. I just made myself very aware of the "Evil 6" and then gathered recipes from this site and others and bought the food for those recipes...which mostly followed the grocery list. I also bought extra veggies and nuts to snack on when I got hungry. It was hard, but I have 2 days left and don't really miss any of the things I gave up.

    • luckyirishmurphy
      luckyirishmurphy about 1 month ago

      I am on day 9 of Ignite, and so far I have lost five pounds a week. I also started to do the workouts on day 8. Giving and sugar up gluten has been extremely hard but I am starting forget about them now. :)

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    toddhunt  about 1 month ago by: toddhunt

    I am on day 19. Down 16 pounds plus doing the daily burn true beginner daily and feeling great. No cravings for any of the evil 6. I used to crave pizza at least 3 times a week and drink 6 diet sodas a day. I thought it would be impossible to do the ignite but found it rather easy. Just stay strong and stay away from the evil 6. You'll find the days passing along pretty easy.

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    toriedawn  about 1 month ago by: toriedawn

    Great! I love to bake and I thought I would be dying to make some of my favorites...but I'm not! I've got 2 days left and I LOVE IT that I am not craving sweets. The only thing that sounds good is pancakes...but I've heard the gluten free mixes are not fantastic, so I am going to work on my own recipe and try to make yummy ones with as little of the Evil 6 as I can.

    • DrMadFellow
      DrMadFellow 23 days ago

      Actually bisquick makes a gluten free mix that is just as tasty as the normal mix! It's a little pricey, but it fills that pancake void :D

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    lablover42  7 days ago by: lablover42

    I am on Day 19 and down 10 lbs! I have struggled with weight loss all of my life and now that I am over 50 it is so much harder. My husband and I are taking a trip to the Caribbean for our 30th wedding anniversary and this has been my motivation. The weight is just melting off and I could not be happier! This paired with the Dailyburn workouts are going to make the best "me" ever! This eating plan is my new normal and I don't plan to change it!

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