How can I combine two workout programs together? I would like to add the move workout to my current workout, so that I could have a few days

  • I like the move workout program, but I don't want to do dancing everyday. I would prefer to have it mixed with strength training and cardio.

    FireSeducer   by: FireSeducer
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    kharmacat  over 1 year ago by: kharmacat

    If you click "Discover" you can do additional workouts to your program. Unfortunately I don't think there's a way to combine two programs into your calendar, though. This would be a nice feature!

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    kisha1976  over 1 year ago by: kisha1976

    I just started using Daily Burn, and was interested in including Yoga into my calender. When I tried to do it, it asked if I wanted to replace my current program (which I don't). It would be great if you could combine programs.

    • gdejong
      gdejong 10 months ago

      I would like this as well -- it would be great to be able to save several workouts and switch back and forth between them depending on what I feel like doing each day.

    • MCE35
      MCE35 10 months ago

      I agree - I wish that this was more customizable.

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