How can I download videos to watch so I can have them to use without Internet?

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    Anthony  over 1 year ago by: Anthony

    Since the workouts are interactive (weight entry, challenge entry, calories displayed, etc), the videos require some type of internet connection because they are streamed. There is no way to download the videos to view at a later date.

    • chrissylaing
      chrissylaing 2 months ago

      i too have issues because i am trying to do these workouts at the office on my lunch break in a spare room, and there is very spotty wifi available so far back in the building… :(

    • pderoo1
      pderoo1 about 1 month ago

      No answer? Does this mean there isn't a way to do this?? I have a limit on my satellite internet, so I can't even run a full month's worth of these videos without hitting my monthly data usage. I really love this workout program, but if there isn't a way to download a copy of each video so that I can replay them as they repeat over the month, I'll have to cancel. Sorry. As much as I'd love unlimited internet, it's just not available in our rural area.

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