How can I drink coffee yet reduce stress?

  • I admit it... I'm addicted. It kind of makes me stressed when I drink too much coffee. Any good substitutes?

    KateHough   by: KateHough
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    RudyMD  11 months ago by: RudyMD

    It sounds like you're dependent on caffeine (not coffee). You might go through withdrawal if you miss your daily cup of joe? (headache, irritability, generally feeling bad)

    Substituting one form for another doesn't do much. Caffeine is caffeine.

    A good thing to try (if you feel the caffeine is stressing you out) is to very very very slowly wean yourself off the caffeine. Be honest with yourself and quantify how much you have daily. Then take it down a notch. Very, very very slowly. The slower you wean yourself off the less you will notice any withdrawal effects. Your body gets used to the lower amount.

    Heck, you might even find that you can tolerate a lower dose of caffeine without getting the stress. Then you've hit a good balance.

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