How can I teach by body to full body alternating exercises?

  • I've always had issues with exercises that involve alternating body movements - especially dance. If my arms are supposed to be going the opposite direction of my legs or visa versa, or half-n-half, I look clumsy or can't do it it all. The problem has been made worse by my chemotherapy in 2011 in that it seems the messages just get lost. How do I teach by brain to have each extremity do something different?

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    a good idea might be to practice with repetition. Teach each individual body part what its supposed to be doing do. Don't go all at once teach each body part what you want it to do where it should go. You want your mind and body to work together. Once you feel comfortable and the body is working, knows the steps to the exercise then incorporate little by little another motion and do that with repetition and practice.
    Hopefully that helps Good Luck go slow take your time you can do this !! Keep going until you get it right.

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