How did you feel after the first week?

  • I'm now on Day 5 and just watched the video. For me it was SO spot-on about detox--I felt absolutely miserable yesterday (after three good days) and the cake-and-pizza cravings were very strong. I woke up today feeling a lot better post-shake, though still feeling a bit low energy. Hoping to feel more energetic soon! How have everyone else's experiences been? Especially curious to hear from those in the second week of the program, but would also love to befriend anyone doing Ignite! :-)

    thegirlonfiyah   by: thegirlonfiyah
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    andysmith  over 2 years ago by: andysmith

    My experience is that the cravings go away toward the end of the second week. You are almost there!

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    crb3ll  over 2 years ago by: crb3ll

    It's normal for some people to have flu like symptoms at some point for up to three days as the body adapts to use it's new primary energy source, fat. Afterwards, you should have much more normal energy during the day rather than the highs and lows you would normally get before and after a meal.

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    Firay  about 2 years ago by: Firay

    I have done this type of diet before so just knowing that it will get better and knowing how good I know I will feel after I get thorough the 21 days makes it not so hard to do.

    I am excieted to have a guid to fallwo after the 21 days are up. I am my clients guild but I personaly have not guild. Even though I know what to do don't mean that I will always want to do it. I find myself getting frstrated and just eating bad for maybe three or more days in a row just in spite sometimes. So, the balance diet guild lines after are what I am working for, LOL.

    Take Care of YOU!

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    sallyparadise  about 2 years ago by: sallyparadise

    The first week was horrid!
    It was every ounce of will power I had not to cheat. I'm usually pretty laid back, but during the first week I was pretty emotional. The first week was full of cravings.
    I noticed on the second week that I had more energy, I was not hungry all the time, and I started enjoying the hunt for my food choices.
    I am now on the third week, and it does't seem as impossible as it did on the first week! I like this diet, and I am SO proud of myself for sticking to it. This was a MAJOR lifestyle change for me. The results have begun to show: my skin is clearer, I've lost weight, I have more energy. My house is even cleaner because I will just clean to fight any cravings.

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