how do i get motivated again ?

  • I am tired and have no energy .my health is OK .After having my 2 girls i feel like i lost my motivation to exercise.They are 2 and 4 .I need to lose 20lbs and can not lose 1lb .i did have a partial hysterectomy that i thing change my whole body .I need

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    emlove416  8 months ago by: emlove416

    Getting motivated to start working out is the hardest part of working out!!! When I first started working out I would get to the gym maybe once a week and I had the hardest time committing to actually doing it... If you find a video set or workout that yo

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    rhmott  8 months ago by: rhmott

    Start with a small doable goal. Maybe you only have 15 minutes...just do that. I started my weight loss journey with the goals drink more water and limit fast food. I felt so much better after doing just those two things, That made it easier to do more. S

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    Mayhem  8 months ago by: Mayhem

    First, don't think of exercise only as going to the gym, although that certainly qualifies. Start, with improving your activity level. For me, I had to commit to not sitting on couch after dinner. Do the dishes, go for a walk, do laundry, whatever. If you

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