How do I get rid of certain muscles?

  • I've played competitive softball 24/7 practically my whole life, and because of this I've built up a lot of muscle in my thighs and shoulders to the point where they actually look kind of big. How do I get rid of some muscle while still keeping the definition?

    nwatzig   by: nwatzig
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    mmj614  about 2 years ago by: mmj614

    I would think some stretching and toning exercises to make those muscles longer would help such as Yoga and Pilates. These are strength and stretching based to make muscles long and lean.

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    moore3883  about 2 years ago by: moore3883

    Were you using weights for training during softball? If so, maybe just using body weight exercises to help even out the muscle tone.

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    Bathsheba  about 2 years ago by: Bathsheba

    Probably just doing cross-training, exercises that emphasize other muscles, will "even things out" a bit. The programs here are very good for that. Cross fit programs are good, too. Also, I have always heard that Pilates is a very good routine for balancing your muscles out and creating a sleek, slim dancer look. At the same time, I will say that you should be proud of your muscular legs! There are many people (like me) who would love to have more of that! :)

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