How do I get the "hold plank for 90 seconds" achievement?

  • With the "Dailyburn Challenge" being 60 seconds, I don't know how to unlock the "hold plank for 90 seconds" achievement. I went ahead and held the plank for over 90 seconds by simply pausing the video, but even after inputting my results, I still can't unlock it.

    On a side note, has anybody actually done 75 (complete) push ups or 75 sit ups in a minute? I feel like that'd give me a migraine from the whiplash.

    paulthurwachter   by: paulthurwachter
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    Anthony  over 2 years ago by: Anthony

    Hmm..where are you seeing the award listed for the 90 second plank? We actually had Plank 3 and Plank 4 removed a few months back after it was brought to our attention by a fellow user.

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    paulthurwachter  over 2 years ago by: paulthurwachter

    Oops. My bad. I've had this question for a while and just decided to post it now without checking again.

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