how do i get to purchase the db suppliments

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    drew  over 1 year ago by: drew

    Hi cherrise,

    DailyBurn supplements are currently only available through our online store (

    • cherrise
      cherrise over 1 year ago

      dear db,
      I recently joined the team and i'm excited to get started but every time i go to the work out section and click on a particular workout i keep getting error #2032 can u help me please i'm anxious to get started the clock is clicking
      thanks again

    • drew
      drew over 1 year ago

      Hi cherrise,

      That's correct. Free shipping is only available for purchases of at least $100.

      From my personal opinion, Fuel [likely] won't mix well with Slim Fast. I don't imagine it being appetizing and the mixture would cause thick consistency. I regularly drink Fuel with water after workouts and in the evening for a "midnight snack." We have quite a few mouth-watering shake recipes here -

      We'll look into that error for you. Can you send us an email at and let us know which video you were trying to view?

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