How do I give myself more motivation?

  • I live with my husband, our 2 kids and my in-laws. I want to eat healthy but I have no support from my husband or my in laws they buy unhealthy things (chips, coke, bread, etc.). My kids of course have no fault in their unhealthiness. I will admit I don't eat healthy because of this. I tell my husband I want to walk at the park but he just tells me I'm tired. I understand for the reason being he works in the oilfield. I just need motivation HELP please desperate.

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    ErinP123  2 months ago by: ErinP123

    Wow, I commend you for even having the motivation to start on this course! What a wonderful, resilient spirit you must have. It also sounds like you really love your family. Know that you undertaking a program for your personal health isn't selfish, it's actually going to benefit everyone around you. By eating healthy you are going to set a great example for your kids that will make them appreciate the value of healthy foods more. Maybe go on that walk alone at an earlier point in the day and use it as a time to meditate for yourself- you can go on a nice long walk or even just a short lap. If you want some cardio exercise, take bigger, faster steps or if you want more relaxing meditation, you can repeat a mantra such as "peace begins with me". If your family is ever around on a weekend, take them somewhere with fun physical activity, or even take someone grocery shopping with you and explain your food choices to them. But most of all know that this is one of the best things you can do for yourself and others. You've been granted a tremendous opportunity to practice patience and dedication. They say it takes 40 days to make something a habit, so take heart: If you can make simple changes for 40 days, you'll become the health superhero of your family! My thoughts are with you.

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      Agreed! It won't be easy at first, but just remember you're doing this for yourself. Not everyone will understand it, but they will hopefully grow to respect it as they see how happy your new lifestyle makes you.

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      Just keep in mind that you are doing this for yourself. If you lose sight of that other people's thoughts are more likely to get you down. Take it one day at a time. If you give in to the unhealthy habits don't worry it happens to all of us. We are human after all. Just make sure you catch yourself right away and make the change. Don't let one mistake discourage you- just keep it going. I think once your family sees your results they will be more interested in what you are doing and will be more likely to join, My husband loves everything sugar and when I started Ignite he would have to go elsewhere to eat his sugar. I started providing healthier options for his snacks and he is making the changes. Once more people are on board it makes it a lot easier but hold strong. You can do this and once everyone sees how happy you are and how much energy you have they will likely join you. Keep up the good work. Something that I do when I am tempted to eat something bad is think to myself is this the best cupcake, cookie, etc? I figure if I'm going to cheat it is going to be worth it and most of the time you realize it's not worth all the hard work you're putting in. But I would say don't deprive yourself completely - just find healthier ways to get in the things you like. That way you are more likely to keep it going for the long run. Good luck!

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