How do people feel about Ignite?

  • Do you like it? Not like it? How could it be better? Any other features you'd like to see?

    nathanielcohen   by: nathanielcohen
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    jojoleb  over 1 year ago by: jojoleb

    I really love Ignite. It's right up there with programs like Beachbody's Insanity. This is a high-intensity, advanced program, however. This is not something you'll want to start with if you are just starting out with exercise. It's high intensity/maximal energy from start to finish.

    One word of caution, Ignite is also very hard on the knees. Given that there is a lot of plyo and platform work you will have to make major adjustments if you have knee problems.

    Other than that, I say go for it! Anja will kick your butt!

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    kkbreal  over 1 year ago by: kkbreal

    More recipes please!

    • RWinzer
      RWinzer 10 months ago

      I find this is a great source for recipes:

      They are not all sin-free, so sometimes you have to adjust. The quinoa spinach patties are my morning staple - but I leave out the Parmesian cheese during ignite.

      Also under the LIFE - they post new recipes more frequently - and you can look at the back posts too.

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