How do we earn Plank 3 and Plank 4?

  • If Daily Burn challenges are always a minute long, how are we supposed to earn the Plank 3 and Plank 4 achievements, both of which are over 60 seconds? Is it assumed we'll pause the video and time ourselves with a stopwatch? Thanks!

    adt36   by: adt36
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    Anthony  almost 3 years ago by: Anthony

    The Plank 3 and Plank 4 achievements were put in place before we finalized the 'Challenges' to be a length of 60 seconds. We forgot to remove them once we launched, but thanks for the heads up...we just took them out.

    • adt36
      adt36 10 months ago

      Great, thanks!

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    jipsybird  almost 3 years ago by: jipsybird

    That is a very good question. I wish I had an answer for you but guess I'll wait for it with everyone else.

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