How do you account for non daily burn exercises in your workout program?

  • I am about to start the daily burn TBT program and wonder how to integrate my current exercise routine into the schedule. I play hockey twice a week and I am wondering how to get that into the schedule. Should I just not add anything else during those days? Or just some of the recovery day parts?

    mistergrau   by: mistergrau
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    KateHough  over 2 years ago by: KateHough

    Hey mistergrau,

    I'd suggest doing the prescribed TBT workout each day, and keeping your hockey days just as they are, while taking one extra day off per week. This means that you may have a few double workout days, but depending on your age, current health, and time limitations, it should be fine. If you are feeling extra sore or overtrained, cut out the workouts on your hockey days.

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